Digital marketing for humans

Better connect with your customers and increase marketing ROI by understanding who they are and what they love.


Thoughtful stories drive growth.

It's no secret in marketing that content is king. But what content? And how do you show results?

After founding and operating a media company for more than a decade, I learned that the answer is more straightforward than you'd think. You only need to ask your customers what they're looking for, then set up simple technology to test and track your growth.

Very little has changed about the value of storytelling, except that few companies are doing it well digitally.

If you've got a good story to tell, I can shape it into a strategy that drives impact.


Brian James Kirk


Personas & Messaging

Understand who your customers are, what problems they're facing and how your solutions work for them.


Learn about where your company fits in the marketplace and how you can best reach your target customers.

Marketing Strategy

Align your approach to digital marketing with business-oriented outcomes.

Content Strategy

Structure your content with the best information for the right people to increase traffic and engagement.

Analytics & Impact

Track your marketing strategy with simple tools and show the direct impact on your business.


Bring your story to life with strong copy and supporting design.

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