Mobile Outfitters

As a growing, global consumer electronics brand, Mobile Outfitters was rethinking its sales marketing efforts and doubling down on new target customers.



Personas & Messaging


Content Strategy

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Analytics & Impact

the challenge

Targeting a new customer segment

This consumer electronics brand has an incredible business model and a promising new opportunity: a growing customer segment that is emerging to compliment its impressive global footprint. I refined the company's buyer personas and created new messaging addressing the existing customer base and its new prospects, and used that updated framework to drive sales templates, marketing campaigns and landing pages.

Laura Lane

VP of Marketing
Mobile Outfitters

"Brian not only helped us rewrite our sales messaging, but he also reoriented and simplified our buyer personas, which created opportunities for stronger connections with our prospects and helped optimize our marketing automation. He also worked to restructure some of our key sales landing pages. It's been a pleasure to work with Brian as he uses a holistic, teamwork approach for each and every project that exceeded our expectations."