Recent speaking engagements: Merchants Fund & Temple University

Brian James Kirk
Recent speaking engagements: Merchants Fund & Temple University

In the last year, I've had a few opportunities to share my marketing and entrepreneurial experience with others. These are my most recent speaking engagements.

Merchants Fund, May 2021: The Merchants Fund is a Philadelphia charity established in 1854 to provide charitable gifts to business persons facing financial hardship. They're focused on serving small businesses and launched a program this year focused on engaging their grantees with additional programming to grow their businesses. I led a workshop focused on buyer personas and messaging, sharing about Clay Christensen's Jobs to be Done philosophy.

Temple University's Entrepreneurial Journalism class, October 2020: I talked about and the connection between marketing and journalism in my work at Bikeout.

1810 Accelerator, March 2020: My Bikeout cofounder Amanda Crawford-Staub and I shared the story of launching Bikeout, a bike tourism business, with entrepreneurial students.